Self Expression

For me, self expression appears in ebbs and flows of my artist life, art is life, as is self expression, ardent full of desire, too explore the dreams at night from my head that are like under current journeys of the mind, and then the awake self that rambles along with twists and turns of unexpected thoughts and feelings, that I try to turn into art when I can. Having said that, sometimes words in my art are not enough as pictures, so this blog is another way for myself to use my voice my self expression of words. It’s not about pleasing you, or telling you anything, its just myself trying to release the bigger thing that art cannot always do for me. Sometimes I retreat and I go dormant, I had a similar blog for ten years on here, but deleted it last year, and now I am ready in myself to convey my thoughts and journey along my life out loud.

I call myself ‘The Naked Artist’ because majority of my work is from myself, relfection of one self, emotions, feelings, remembering. I have been described as a raw, brave artist many a time. I listen to lots of different music to stir my self up to create and let go the inner self.

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