Self Care

Mental health is precious, protecting it is paramount, as I have suffered from as young as 11. I became the artist because of the ability too self express my emotions freely. In turn I have also had several breakdowns and survived an overdose when I was 21.

Today I called in sick, work are very understanding and so there I was all ready and dressed but just couldn’t leave my bedroom, I knew a bad day when the cbd vape went in my pocket to help ease the anxiety and stress. So I called it a self care day.

I have two slices of toast which is similar taste to how my gran use to make me as kid. Lashings of butter on cold fresh toast. Goats butter gives the nostalgic taste, but must of been real proper butter in the early 80’s. I give her a thought as she passed just 4 years ago from Alzheimer’s. I am two days short of my 42nd birthday, so feeling very reflective as per.

Some of my more progressive coping with feelings through my photography

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