Art ; Life

So again time is passing by and I have only done my blog once in 2 months! This is very shocking, to be honest with lockdown and working there is little time for my brain to feel creative. The main project I am working on at moment is taking a photo everyday for the next 365 days to show myself changing, as I feel that I have noticed significant markings on my face since turning 40, and I am now 42 so I want to try this. To be honest it is not as easy as you think, the challenge is mentally hard more than the actual taking the photo. I seem to get a few likes on my instagram account as I post the photos daily on there. If you like to follow me my account is The Naked Artist (@suziepindar) • Instagram photos and videos

Other than that I have been working on my art heads and again challenging my creative self into a different style of creating. Not so much feeling lead, but more aesthetically and using recycle materials, to produce disfigured heads.

will try and post some photos of that soon, but best to visit my website.

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